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Genderless Accessories. Menswear’s Liberation.

If ever there was a rule book for gendered accessories, it’s been torn up and incinerated.

“Gender is an outdated ascription when it comes to fashion. We’re moving toward a place where taste is the true arbiter,” she says. “Women’s purses offer greater options in terms of color, shape and size. There’s also the simple fact of utility. If a man is carrying a few dollars and a candy bar, it seems silly that he should choose a massive bag over a petite clutch, simply because of shop floor distinctions.”

“The more we can blur the lines between what is distinctively male and female, the closer we get to seeing one another as humans, to knowing each other more intimately,”

Source:  T Magazine/Notes On The Culture.  By Nick Haramis.  Published 8 Nov, 2021.

Jewelry: A Durable Clue.

“Jewelry can be particular to areas, and there are certain unique things about jewelry that can help you almost read the life of a person. ”

“Jewelry is robust, a secondary identifier…”

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Issey Miyake: Vivid Textures. Undulating Forms.

Sculptural in shape, Miyake manipulating fabric into various dramatic forms, from bouncing ‘flying saucers’ of signature polyester micro-pleats to garments which, inspired by the art of origami, could fold entirely flat in a moment. ‘The body, the fabric covering it and a comfortable relationship between the two.’

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The Importance Of Cultivating Craft.

The London-based Irish designer’s label is focused on creative community and the cultivation of like-minded collaborators, who champion craftsmanship, slow production, skill-sharing and sustainable manufacturing.

Making and Momentum emphasises the possibility of innovative, restriction-free creative evolution, the series of

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Read My Pins.

“This all started when I was ambassador at the U.N. and Saddam Hussein called me a serpent,” Albright tells Susan Stamberg. “I had this wonderful antique snake pin. So when we were dealing with Iraq, I wore the snake pin.”

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