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Soft Accessories From Upcycled Saris.

To create her designs, Mehrotra uses recycled, upcycled and natural materials, from fabric to thread; the brand’s pre-loved saris are sourced in India with the aid of GreenKarma. This specialist in sustainable materials and production ensures that the label’s fabrications are sourced in a conscious way.

Up to six pieces can be created from a single sari, with each unique design representing a facet of Indian dressing history.

Source:  Wallpaper/Fashion.  By Laura Hawkins.  Published 13 Feb, 2021.

Jewelry: A Durable Clue.

“Jewelry can be particular to areas, and there are certain unique things about jewelry that can help you almost read the life of a person. ”

“Jewelry is robust, a secondary identifier…”

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Issey Miyake: Vivid Textures. Undulating Forms.

Sculptural in shape, Miyake manipulating fabric into various dramatic forms, from bouncing ‘flying saucers’ of signature polyester micro-pleats to garments which, inspired by the art of origami, could fold entirely flat in a moment. ‘The body, the fabric covering it and a comfortable relationship between the two.’

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The Importance Of Cultivating Craft.

The London-based Irish designer’s label is focused on creative community and the cultivation of like-minded collaborators, who champion craftsmanship, slow production, skill-sharing and sustainable manufacturing.

Making and Momentum emphasises the possibility of innovative, restriction-free creative evolution, the series of

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Read My Pins.

“This all started when I was ambassador at the U.N. and Saddam Hussein called me a serpent,” Albright tells Susan Stamberg. “I had this wonderful antique snake pin. So when we were dealing with Iraq, I wore the snake pin.”

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